Jan 30, 2008

February Doll Challenges

One of the February Doll Challenges I'm preparing to enter is for my Etsy group, Fairy Artists of Etsy (FAE). The contest is hosted by my friend and fellow dollmaker, Jennifer, (hi, Jennifer!). The theme she chose is Celtic Myths and Legends.

I created a figure inspired by Bodiccia, the warrior queen who united the Celtic tribes against the Roman invaders in 61 A.D. MyBodiccia's face and legs are sculpted out of paper clay. Her hands and arms are sculpted and carved. Her hair is a strawberry blonde mohair, imported from England. She wears a robe and tartan sash, embellished with a drinking horn (sculpted, carved and painted paper clay) and two little bags of kid leather. Her headdress is of wire, covered to look like vine and intertwined with real boxwood from my garden. Her slippers, embellished with gems, include ribbon ties that wrap up her ankles and calves.

She's almost finished, except for her sword and Celtic cross pendant. I am thinking of mounting her on a wooden chariot ...

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Cookie said...

How utterly beautiful!