Mar 17, 2008

Dolls hanging around the house

I have got to get pictures of all the dolls hanging around the house so I can put them on Ebay and/or Etsy. Here's a little picture of several of the girls I made around Christmastime (and that's not even all of them!).

From left, they are Alice, Isabelle, Lady Olivia and Grace. All but Alice are paperclay over cloth. Alice is armatured and sits on a wooden pedestal.

BTW, in case Christine L. is reading this post, I realized last night that I've got a John Adams I made to go with Abigail, but never quite finished him. I'm also (slowly) working on creating armatured figures of Washington's cabinet -- already have Hamilton and Washington (although W. isn't quite finished) and was going to do Adams and Jefferson, too.

So many projects, so little time!


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