Mar 26, 2008

Washington's Cabinet

Not that kind of cabinet! Those of you who follow my blog (is that anyone?) know I made a figure of Alexander Hamilton a few weeks ago. But what I didn't tell you is that he was the first in my long-term ambition to create figures of all the members of George Washington's first cabinet (not the extended cabinet, just the main players). These include Hamilton as secretary of the treasury (but don't discount Hamilton's role in setting up the American government--he was really more of a Prime Minister than the kind of treasury secretary we have today); Thomas Jefferson as secretary of state; John Adams as vice president; and, of course, the Big Guy himself, GW.

So far, I've nearly finished Hamilton and Washington. Adams got underway this week and still needs his stockings and shoes painted, his breeches finished and his coat made. He looks like a pudgy, crabby old fart -- so I think I've captured him pretty well! LOL!!

Guess I'll start on Jefferson when Adams is finished. I've done a couple of Jefferson's before--but none of them armatured figures (so it's different).

More later ...

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Christine LeFever said...

He certainly was a handsome devil and you have depicted him scrupulously!

My father had me learn the presidents when I was in the first grade, and so, I can still rap them off chronologically and it amazes me that many people think Hamilton was one when he clearly was not!