Apr 29, 2008

Next stop, Colonial Williamsburg

The plan for today is to get my samples shipped off to Colonial Williamsburg. I am sending them two figures: George Washington and a little girl I created after one of the paintings in their collection.

The first order of business, now that they're finished, is to get pictures taken! Guess I'd better go start nagging my live-in photographer!

As you can see, the nagging worked! Here are photos of the two dolls who are going to Williamsburg.

More later,



anniebeez said...

Wow Nina that=y are awesome! Will you tell your photographer we want close-ups!? Glad you are feeling better!

Atticbabys said...

I'm completely blown away Nina!! You did an outstanding job on them!

Nina Mason said...

Thanks, you guys. I hope Williamsburg likes them and wants more!


Lana said...

Oh goodness! These are beautiful! I'm sure CW will be begging for more!