Jun 7, 2008

Anne Boleyn

This past week I've been working on an Anne Boleyn figure for my niece, Andrea. Andrea is an avid reader and historian. She's 15. She asked her mother (my sister) if I could make her Anne Boleyn for her Sweet Sixteenth (which isn't until December). I had some spare time (still waiting for George Washington's cannon and the portraits of Jefferson and Randolph), so I decided to get her started. I finished her in four days, but put in about 30-40 hours on her. Here are the pictures. Andrea's coming over in a little while to pick her up (she hasn't seen her yet--not even the pictures). Do you think she'll like Anne? Notice the tag. I've started doing little storytelling collages for each of my dolls.


fiddlestixstudios said...

Oh,Nina!She's fabulous!!!The way her skirt hangs from her waist-just everything!You did a beautiful job on that tag,some of the prettiest collage work I've seen-you should do more!How wonderful that your niece is such an avid historian already.She will treasure her-what a lucky duck!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I wish you were MY Aunt! I never received anything that amazing from any relative:) She's fabulous!

Andrea said...

Aunt Nina,

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you for making her. She is absolutely mind-blowing. Everytime I walk by my doll cabinet, I have to stop and admire her. I could not believe she was your first Tudor, because of all the details that were perfect to the time! She is very much loved, and appropiatley next to a china figurine my mother got me of Henry the VIII. She towers over him, so now is her chance to kick him!

Along beside her is, of course, her amazing daughter. The Elizabeth doll you made for me was my best Christmas present. She was so beautiful, and I loved her when I first saw her in your house. I was so excited and surprised when I got her! I will always treasure her.

Now mother and daughter can be together for the first time since the nasty old Henry decided to use his favorite way of disposing of people that were no longer useful to him. He pales in comparison to the dolls. Maybe they can give him what was coming to him ;)