Jun 7, 2008

Meet Izzy Thurgood

Remember Idgie Threadgood, the unapologetic Tomboy from Fried Green Tomatoes? Well this is Izzy Thurgood. Izzy (short for Isabella) hates dressing up and she hates sitting in the fancy parlor where children must be "seen but not heard." But she especially hates the stupid doll her Aunt Leona brought for her today. Why does anybody assume that, just because she's a girl, she plays with dolls? Everybody knows she'd much rather be out in the woods, hunting rabbits with her trusty slingshot!

I made Izzy and her Itty Bitty Izzy for a dollmakers' challenge issued by my online group, Coffee With Tea. The challenge was to make an Izannah Walker inspired doll under 8 inches tall. My Itty Bitty Izzy is 6.5 inches tall.

More later,



Dixie Redmond said...

Gosh, Nina - I love Izzy from Fried Green Tomatoes! And your doll is great - both of them. You're so creative.

fiddlestixstudios said...

Nina,these dolls are so wonderful!I LOVE Izzy!What a serene face she has!

Atticbabys said...

One of my all time fave movies ana characters! You've really done Idgie and Izzy justice!!! Simply amazing Nina!