Aug 5, 2008

American Girl Diaries

I know I just finished saying that I've been too busy to blog, but that hasn't stopped me from starting a new blog chronicling the progress of our giant American Girl doll house in the basement. The house belongs to the Merriman family, whose spunky ten-year-old daughter, Felicity, is an American Girl. Living there will be Mr. and Mrs. Merriman (Edward and Martha, two rescued My Twinn dolls); Felicity; Felicity's best friend, Elizabeth Cole; Elizabeth's snooty older sister, Annabelle (AG Samantha); Benjamin Davidson, Felicity's father's apprentice (rescued Heidi Ott Faithful Friends doll); Felicity's little sister and brother (Nan, 6, and William, 2, two new Carolle dolls), the kitchen maids (AG Addy and Nellie); and the nannies (AG Look Like Me and Kirsten). We finished building the blank rooms and installed the doll house last weekend. Now I'm working on the furnishings! Read more about it at American Girl Diaries.


Dawn said...

Kirsten, Nikki, Tolly doll Rose and happy girl grace my home. Gotta have a 18 inch doll!

Atticbabys said...

Aw Nina, I wanna come over and play!
What lucky dollies!!!
:-) Nan