Oct 14, 2008

Miss Anna Higgenbottom

My version of the big Queen Anne doll doesn't look like the original -- but she is coming along ...

I am making her to look "antique" -- so she has glass eyes, crackle finish, tea-dyed underpinnings and such. Her wig is a mess that looks like she's been played with for 100 years. I gave her 18th-century stays in periwinkle silk, trimmed with pink ribbon and antique lace and a linen pocket that I'm embroidering (feebly) with a Jabobean floral. I'm just learning to embroider -- doing a couple of simple cross-stitch samplers. I used to embroider when I was a kid. I remember getting little "kits" for pillowcases and aprons at Gilbert's five and dime when I was in grade school. But I haven't done any real embroidery since.

Pictures of Anna soon, I promise. And the founders' Christmas Party.


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