Oct 10, 2008

Taking Stock

I have now assembled all the candidates for the Williamsburg Christmas show on my dining room table. They are gathered together around an antique pewter tea set as if at a Christmas Party. As a backdrop prop I am using a Byers' Choice door I found at a local shop the other day, while on a play date with my sister. The door isn't quite the right scale, but it is very pretty and perfectly decorated with Williamsburg greenery!
Assembling the dolls helps me determine the best way to display them, as well as to take stock of the entire collection. It also gives me a chance to ask myself, "who's missing?" I dragged my husband into the dining room for a consultation (poor dear -- or should I say "deer," as in "deer in headlights"?)

"I've still got six weeks to go -- and I can't NOT make more dolls for six weeks. Who should I make next to complete the collection?" This question plagued me for days (he escaped a few minutes later). I thought about making some Queen Anne dolls. But a thought keeps nagging me: there are so many other artists doing QA inspired dolls -- and theirs are much better than mine (Rachael Kinnison and Christine Crocker, to name just two).

Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided to do James Madison and, if time permits, Dolley Payne Todd Madison, his clever, popular and gregarious wife. I've done Dolley before (I donated her to the annual auction at my DAR chapter), but never James. I have been to Montpelier and I have a cat named Madison -- but I've never made a doll of the diminuitive founder! In retrospect, it seemed an obvious choice!

I guess Madison really wanted to come through. His sculpt went quicker than usual. Today he will get painted, but I can't go farther with him until my batting and fabrics arrive from Fabrics.com.

Oh, hubby just skyped me that my fabric order is delivering today! Madison must still have powerful influence!



Rachael Kinnison said...

Nina! How you love to tease!!! I wanna see a picture~ who cares if James doesnt have a body... ;)
You are so sweet to mention my dollys~ but YOU my Dear are a WONDEOUS doll maker~ and i KNOW your Queen Annes would be SOOO beautiful! You SHOULD do at least one! Everyone has thier own style, even having a particular era of INSPIRATION in common as thier guide. Whatever you make is beautiful, and even moreso in person! Now W*H*E*R*E* is that picture of everyone partying on the table????
xoxox Rachael

Nina Mason said...


You crack me up. I'll try to post a picture of the party when everything's looking right (but perhaps not perfect). I have done some QA dolls -- there are one or two on my blog that have been sold, if you care to look. Mine are grumpier looking than yours. I like the sweetness you capture with your dolls. There's nothing sweet about me or my dolls.


Dawn said...

The display sounds cool!
Grumpy QA?

Rachael Kinnison said...

Youre as sour as a L*E*M*O*N....

But then again...I DO like lemons! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
I have been sewing a Pet en L'air today and my fingers are so prickled! I have had so many requests for 'in progress' posts on my blog, that I thought I would stick some pictures on after I get back from getting the children from the bus...I do so like the cut of 18th century clothing, I think I need to make ME one of these~
xoxoxo Rachael