Oct 30, 2008

This and That

We waited two hours in line in very cold weather (my nose was frozen and my feet were numb) to cast our ballot yesterday, but the deed is done! It just seems like it should be easier! I definitely could have used a bowl of flaming rum punch by the time it was over (to warm the cockles, if nothing else).

I have been working steadily and meticulously on Miss Catherine Grace Wickersham's quilted petticoat. Yesterday, sitting by the fire in the family room and listening to classical music, I finally finished the quilting. Last night, another fire and the final game of the world series (for Dan, not me), I cartridge pleated the waist and attached a waistband. Now all that's left to do (on the petticoat) is to bind the hem. This may require a trip to Hancock or Michael's to secure the right color of binding tape. The petticoat is pretty, but man oh man was it a lot of work. If I ever do another quilted petticoat, I may have to create a simpler pattern! I traced the one I used for Catherine Grace from a period pattern in an 18th-century costume book -- and it had lots of tiny details. Don't forget -- I have never quilted before! But my motto is: never say never (unless you're talking about algebra).

Hopefully, I can persuade Dan to take a couple of quick pictures of Catherine Grace so far so ya'll can see how she's coming out.

Yesterday I also received the beautiful cap I ordered for the Williamsburg show. I am having a polonnaise gown made up at Smoke & Fire. But I fell in love with the caps made by Miss Hallie Larkin of South Coast Historical in Swansea, Mass. If you haven't seen her caps, take a look! They're handmade of organdy and are the finest colonial caps I've seen. She also sells kits, if you want to make your own. The picture shows the style I ordered.

Finally, I am starting to look like a lady instead of a washer woman!

More later,


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Rachael Kinnison said...

Yes~ pictures pictures!!!
some of dollye, petticoat...and YOU when you get all dressed up! I cant wait!
xoxoxo Rachael