Nov 2, 2008

History of Riding Habits, Part II

Both of these riding habits have a Scottish flair -- circa 1760-1770. The top image is of a character from Rob Roy. Diana Vernon, the cousin of the novel's hero, Frank Osbaldistone, whom she eventually marries. Di Vernon is a beautiful, high-spirited, fox-hunting, horse-riding Amazon upon whom, she tells Frank, "compliments are entirely lost".

The middle image is a portrait of Lady Montrose, wife of the last British governer of Boston, which hangs in the Portland Museum of Art (I've been there). One source tell us that the use of military epaulettes on a lady's costume, even back then, was somewhat scandalous. Isn't she stunning?

The bottom image is from the film, Brotherhood of the Wolf. Don't know anything about it, but I love this costume!

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