Dec 9, 2008

Back from Williamsburg!

We're back from the show! We had a great time and met lots of great people -- but didn't sell anything. I'm not surprised or disappointed, though.

At the end of the show, we agreed to trade Thomas Jefferson for a beautiful handmade Windsor chair by Brian Cunfer of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The chair style we chose is pictured above. Isn't it beautiful? It'll take about a year for Brian to make our chair, so TJ will be hanging with us for the rest of the year.

I'll post pictures of Williamsburg and us at the show tonight or tomorrow (I won the vote for best costume and get a free booth at the Endview Plantation Show in Newport News, Virginia on May 16 & 17!).

More soon,



Dixie Redmond said...

What an interesting display, Nina. You have some beautiful dolls in there. What a fun adventure for you, and what a beautiful chair you will be getting.

Rachael Kinnison said...

AWSOME! Ohhhh I LOVE that chair....its totally ME! I doubt he could ship one to Colorado....or mabey two......
xoxoxo rachael