Dec 2, 2008

Meet (the recalcitrant and rebellious) Th. Jefferson

Here are some photos of Mr. Jefferson,
as he prepares to depart for Virginia's colonial capital.
He was most troublesome, but I think he turned out well.
What do you think?
A few details: TomJeff is sculpted of paper clay that's been sanded and painted with acrylics. His body is armature wire and foil under layers of batting that have been needle sculpted to form the essential shape under his clothes. His clothes were all fashioned from period patterns. The shirt is a medium weight Irish linen. The breeches are a bronze silk. The waistcoat is a duck-egg blue (green?) lined in off-white satin. Everything was sewn by hand (although I did a few seams on the breeches with the machine). His shoes are painted. The straps are kid leather and the buckles are something I found in a bead store. The buttons on his waistcoat and breeches are all glass disc beads. The ones on his shirt are carved mother of pearl. His hair is sculpted, but his queue is yarn that's been wrapped with ribbon.

The chair and desk were "found" objects. The chair is a Boyd's Bear chair, I believe -- black over red paint. The desk is actually an American Girl colonial dressing table. The letter he's signing is an actual Jefferson letter I printed from the Internet. His inkwell is American Girl; his candle holder is tin and beeswax, found at a little antique store outside Athens, Ga. On the lower shelf is a stack of books I made from a picture of actual Jefferson books sold to the Library of Congress and a period reproduction wine bottle I found on Ebay.

As they say, "It's all in the details."

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Rachael Kinnison said...

Hes gorgeous Nina~ you did a great job on him......but the Honerable Esteemed Mr Adams requests you slap him....just once more for good measure ;)
xoxoxo rachael