Jan 23, 2009

Pictures of My Edward & Bella Figures

Okay, so they weren't done when I posted the first group of pictures the other day. But now they are. Stand, apple and all. I did a little fine-tuning yesterday on their eyes and faces, gave Edward a new hand so he could offer the apple to Bella and put a red ribbon in Bella's hair. I'm actually going to replace the ribbon she's wearing now with a silk one that I ordered from someone on Ebay.

I posed them together on one stand, interacting with each other. Bella's wearing funky jeans with a little heart patch made from my favorite old pair of torn up Levi's. I gave her a scrunchy tie-dye top over a little white t-shirt and a matching velvet hair ribbon. Edward is in a white button-down, more refined jeans. I made him a cashmere sport coat, but in the end decided I liked him better without it. He's got black sculpted loafers on. She's wearing (symbolic) red ballet flats.

In his outstretched hand, Edward offers her the apple of "forbidden fruit" -- like on the cover of the book. The red ribbon symbolizes the intense love bond that ties them together.

You can't see all the details in Edward's costume with Bella standing in front of him, but they're there. His body is sculpted under his clothes. His jeans have belt loops and back pockets; his jacket has buttons and pocket flaps; his shirt even has a little pocket on the front.

Well, what do you think? Did I waste the past few weeks of my life on crap or not? In any event, I think they look better than the Tonner dolls of them. But that's all I'm ready to admit.



jillian said...

Totally amazing!! I don't know what else to say but, WOW!

Anonymous said...

I think they are cool. Good job. I don't think I could make something like that. I totally love Bella's top by the way. Is that available in bigger? ^^

Nina Mason said...

You never know. Thanks for the nice compliments. Always appreciated.


Andrea said...

Aunt Nina,

They are so amazing! Edward is perfect, and I could see way more Rob in him than the Hot Topic and other doll.

Bella doesn't look like Kristen Stewart, which I like. The Bella you made is more how I imagined Bella in the book because I read it before the movie news came out.

The clothes are very them too, and look way more like what the characters would actually wear. Bella's stylist did not understand her at all in the movie. [But the person's clothes who annoyed me the most was Alice. She was supposed to be very fashionable! I thought Esme had the most acceptable clothes.]


Liz said...


Phenomenal, but I would expect nothing less.


Rachel said...

Dear Aunt Nina,

I think the dolls are amazing. Edward's face is dazzling. I'm so lucky to have an aunt that is as talented as you, and can bring the characters I love so much to life.

I still ADORE my frog! I think he is fantastic!


Nina Mason said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the feedback.

The Burlap Owl said...

They look great!


Rachael Kinnison said...

FROG??? WHAT FROG!!!!! No fair~ I want to see Rachel's FROG!!!!!

You did a wonderful Job on tehm Nina~ even if I have absolutely NO idea who they are....theyre pretty good lookin vampires~ and I LOVE Edwards hair. They are SO "Nina"...I think you should make youself as a vampire to go with them ;)
xoxoxo rachael

Nina Mason said...

I believe you are referring to Sebastian F. Hopper, III -- who I hastily pulled together for my OTHER FAVORITE RACHAEL'S xmas gift. She's into frogs, so I gave it a try. Didn't have time to take photos, but she promised I could have him back to do so. She's sick right now, poor little thing -- missed Emma's birthday party today. But when she's on the mend, I'll get Sebastian back her for a photo shoot. No worries about the bed-head hair, tho. He doesn't have any!

Yuck, yuck.


Cakelaw said...

I think these are great - they look so much more like the movie characters than the Hot Topic or Tonner dolls.

Nina Mason said...

To be honest, I didn't know the other dolls even existed until I'd finished mine. It was a tough decision whether to try to make them look like the actors who play the characters in the movie or to go completely from my own imagination. In the end, I figured fans of the movie wouldn't like them if I didn't try to make them look like the actors. This made them even more challenging, though. Their faces took several attempts before I thought they looked close enough to the actors that I probably couldn't do better.

Anyway, thanks for your comments. I'll probably keep tweaking them for awhile. Next, I'm thinking about doing Jacob in his wolf form with Renesmee.


Nina Mason said...
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Nina Mason said...

Fine-tuning Edward and Bella today. Little things, really, that will make a difference. Retouching faces, changing some details, ditching Edward's jacket, giving Edward a new hand and a bigger apple. I'll post new pictures when they're finally done.


Bone*Head*Studios said...

FABULOUS JUST FABULOUS!!!!!Such talented fingers you have my dear!!

jojo said...

Nina!!! OMG I am totally in love with your dolls...ALL of them ,,, but You captured the true spirit of twilight...I am addicted to the series...You are an amazing artist!!!
manys hugs