May 25, 2009

Robert Burns

Yesterday, on the way home from our trip, we stopped in a lovely antique store in Greenville, N.C. Much to my amazement, I discovered there what appears to be a cast iron and painted statue of Robert Burns. I tried to look it up on the Internet last night when I got home, both to discover what it is and if I paid too much for it. It's a very interesting looking piece. I'll try to post some photos later so everyone can see him and maybe somebody can tell me something about what I have. Even if my Burns remains a mystery, he will occupy an honored place in the house--first in the foyer where he can greet (or frighten guests) with his intense look, and later, on the upstairs bar. We're talking of creating an old tudor style pub upstairs in the bonus room.

The Burns statue is about 20 inches tall with the base, which appears to be pot metal painted gold. Burns himself has his arms crossed over his chest and a cloak over one shoulder. He holds a bundle of flowers in one hand and a book in the other. He is painted, as I said and wears a green frock coat, black cloak and tartan socks. The picture at left looks very much like my Burns, only mine's painted over the metal.

Anyone know anything about him? While I'm researching, I'll be contemplating the horror of making a haggis. Wonder if I could alter the recipe slightly and actually make it appetizing. Tall order, I know.


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