May 17, 2009

Speaking of George Washington ...

Well, I finally got my George Washington figure repaired and back to Colonial Williamsburg and guess what? He arrived safe and sound, but got broken again as soon as he got to the museum shop. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But oh well. Here are some pictures.

Also, I discovered that I took a wrong turn on Dan's family tree. He isn't related to George Washington, but I did trace one line back to a Revolutionary War soldier (Tobias Honea or Honey) and another line all the way back to 12th Century Scotland, where they lived in various castles that are now ruins and historic landmarks. We're heading to the kilt shop in Williamsburg as soon as Dan gets out of the shower. Not that we'll be buying a kilt. But I want to check out the kilts and accessories for future reference. Still, you never know.

Today, Williamsburg is wet! We're toing to see dancers at the Palace tonight and dining at the King's Arms tavern. Doesn't that sound like fun? I love Williamsburg, even if they keep breaking my GW!


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