Jun 18, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

My mother wrote the other day to complain that I hadn't been blogging enough lately. Hi, Mom. I apologize if that's true. I actually have several things to blog about: Emma's dance recital, the pumpkin spell box I did for Spooky Time Jingles (sold the first day!), the torturous waiting for agents to get back to me on my novel, the new contract that will keep food in the frig for the next year, and the fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly, which goes to press today. Last night, I received the layouts of the six-page feature they're doing on me and my dolls. Alas, I did not get the cover (boo-hoo). Apparently, they went with something more seasonal than my founding fathers. Perhaps they should have considered that Constitution Day is September 17. But how were they to know? It's not like it gets that much press. Which is really too bad, when you think how much ink is devoted to inane drivel like the escapades of Bradjolina and Paris Hilton. Don't get me started.

I've been steadily reworking the novel. The first chapter has always been the weakest and even though I'd eliminated most of the grimace factor, as I like to call it, I still wasn't happy. I decided to try a whole new approach to the opening of the novel and I'm much happier with it. Now, of course, I'm torn. Do I tell the agents sitting on the old version that I've made improvements or let it ride?

Meanwhile, I've also been reworking my character dolls. Robert got longer mane. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a man in a kilt and, if he's got a ponytail, all the better. I also redid Kat and put her in a wedding dress. She's my first bride doll, believe it or not. I'll post some pictures later, I promise. Right now, I'm at the hair salon waiting for my pedicure appointment. Could be called away at any moment ....

More later,


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