Jul 24, 2009

Scottish Independence

Of all things, I've been immersed for the past few weeks in research on the issues and arguments surrounding Scottish independence for my second novel, Bloodlust. In it, my 200-year-old Scottish vampire, Robert Hamilton, is running for a Scottish seat in the Parliament at Westminster. The book spends a lot of time on Scottish history, culture, folklore, and scenery. I hope to actually get to Scotland next summer, but in the meantime, the Internet has provided a ton of useful resources!

Anyway, I'm telling you all this because there was a story on NPR yesterday about the fight for Scottish Independence that encapsulates things pretty darn well. If you're interested, check it out. You just might learn something! Calls for Scottish Independence Still Strong


Michael Follon said...

If it's not too late can I give you a link to a guest post which I wrote on the subject of Scottish independence. The post might give you some insight into the background of the case for independence and the arguments that are put forward against it. The guest post is titled Understanding Scottish Independence and can be found under HOT LINKS at -


As the post appears in a Scribd window you may need Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Nina Mason said...


Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and your link. I've glimpsed your post on Scottish Independence and will study it much more carefully when I have more time. I don't know if I made it clear on my blog, but my protagonist is in favor of Scottish Independence and discusses Scottish history, the long and bloody battle for freedom, and the reasons why he favors independence at some length throughout the book. He is a vampire who was born a Scottish nobleman in 1782 and served in the House of Lords before his "death" in 1809. And please don't assume that just because my character is a vampire, we don't tackle important historic topics or strive for historic accuracy!

I'm actually really happy that you got in touch with me. Because it would be extremely helpful for me to run some of my writing on Scotland past somebody Scottish, especially somebody who favors independence! Would you be willing to pre-read some stuff and comment? In the novel, my vampire (Robert James Hamilton--named after the first and last kings in the Stuart dynasty!) is running for a Scottish seat in the Parliament at Westminster and harbors a secret desire to pour gas on the flames of Scottish Independence once he's elected. I'd like to do the Scottish people and the cause proud in my novel. I'm trying to filter the information to my readers in a way that's lively and accessible, heartfelt, and accurate! Perhaps you'd be willing to help?

Again, thanks for being in touch!

I sent you an email, but since I haven't had a response, I thought perhaps it was misdelivered.