Sep 13, 2009


Still working on the first book, but making progress. Been working on making the whole book darker and more literary; my vampire hero more tortured, complex, and empathetic; and his love interest more empathetic and multi-dimensional.

In dollmaking, I've decided to enter the Alexander Hamilton figure I've reworking in the DAR American Heritage contest. Hamilton got a pretty extensive body make-over after he appeared in ADQ. He's more proportional now ... but his old clothes no longer fit ... so I'm making him a new wardrobe. I had an old silk blouse that got a stain on the front the dry-cleaner couldn't get out, so I decided to recycle it as a waist-coat and bayan for Hamilton. I'm working on the waistcoat now. I'm also thinking of making him a black satin frockcoat, lined with the oriental silk, so he has some wardrobe options ... one for going out when he's playing the lawyer and statesman; one for staying home when he's playing the essayist and lover (not that he didn't go out to play the lover at times ... but he'll have to do that in his coat for the sake of propriety). Ha!

Not much else to report. We reclusive middle-aged artists lead a pretty dull life on the whole. But I had enough drama in the early years to last me a lifetime. Now I prefer quiet and solitude.


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