Nov 20, 2009

Taking a breath ...

I've finally finished round one of rewriting on Heart of the Beast, my first novel, with my fabulous new agent. She'll be reading it over the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm waiting with bated breath (tired cliche) for her feedback.

Speaking of Thanksgiving ... I will be cooking the feast this year as my dear sister and family are off to Charlottesville, Va., and Washington, D.C. for the break.

How does this sound?

Turkey (of course, being a traditionalist -- and no deep-fat fryers!)
Cranberry apple relish
Apple and sausage stuffing baked in acorn squash bowls
mashed potatoes with gravy
my husband's sweet potato casserole (it's not the orange mush with the marshmallows on top; he uses the Ruth Chris recipe--it's to die for)
pumpkin pie (home made, not store bought)

What is everybody else planning to make? Any favorites? I usually do a wild rice stuffing in the bird with dried fruit and nuts ... but thought I'd try something different this year. Still debating on whether or not to do a green vegetable. Seems like there will be enough squash, though, to take care of the veg requirements.


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