Feb 1, 2010

Coming up for air ...

Well, I have finally finished my first novel, HEART OF THE BEAST, to my agent's satisfaction and it is now ready to go out to publishers for review. Below is the "sales copy" I created to describe the book for those purposes. It's supposed to hook you so you'll want to read the book ... Does it do the trick?

Robert Hamilton: Smoldering, sensitive, inscrutable … and reclusive. He’s imprisoned by a haunting past: every girl he’s ever loved has been brutally murdered. And he just got a sign that it’s about to happen again.

Katrina Bentley: Bright, striking, frank … and distrustful. An English literature major at London University, she prefers books to flesh-and-blood men.

He’s writing a novel about a centuries-old vampire while she’s writing her thesis on the evolution of vampires in literature. When the two lost souls meet, they’re guarded, taciturn, and surly toward each other … but only at first. With each chance encounter, sparks fly, passions flare, and tension builds. With each chance encounter, she opens more of her heart while he struggles to conceal his dark truth. When he realizes he’s let things go too far—and that he’s put her in mortal danger—he breaks his own heart to protect her. But can he stop the past from repeating itself?

Sexy, smart, and suspenseful, HEART OF THE BEAST tells the story of The Vampire, then and now, and of a love powerful enough to reach across the abyss of time ... and death.

I'm still working on BLOODLUST, the sequel novel, but it's far enough along that my agent wants to try to sell then together. Fingers crossed!

In the world of dolls, I've got to get Alexander Hamilton ready for the national DAR contest. I made him a new silk banyan and waistcoat several weeks ago ... but still need to write a paragraph describing the entry and how it relates to the contest theme, and take some good pictures.

As ever, I've been refining my Robert Hamilton figure ... he got real tartan socks, leather shoes (that do not come off) and a little skian dugh knife to stick in the top of his hose. Robert wears his kilt quite a bit in the second book, being back in Scotland and all.

I've also made some dolls of fairies from the second book. I'll have to post pictures of them one of these days.


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Marta said...

Hi Nina,
I love your blog! your stories sound very interesting. I love history and reading about it,and also enjoy a good gothic novel. The vampire genra,is so popular now, especially with the "Edward" typesof vampire, though my favorite still is Anne Rice's Lestat.
Yur dolls are amazing, Anne Boleyn is a favorite Tudor!
I would love if you visited my blog "Dolls from the Attic" I think you will like it. It would be an honor if you followed it http://dollsfromtheattic.blogspot.com