Apr 16, 2013

Hot Scots, Hunky Highlanders or Bad Lads . . .

Finally got some pictures shot--rough though they are--of my new line of Highlanders for ladies who love a man in a kilt! I'm working on three new ones now and soon will have them up in my Etsy shop. Their faces are embroidered, their accessories made of real leather, and their sporrans really are wee pouches suitable for love tokens! And yes, they're anatomically correct under their wee kilts.

Let me know if you like them, eh?

This is wee Jamie with awesome lace-up boots and a Jacobite shirt. 
Above is Drystan, wearing Viking shoes, arm bracers, and a Celtic cross.

This is Dirk with badger-head sporran and, Viking shoes and tree-of-life charm.

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Amy Valentini said...

Amazing dolls! You are a true artist. : )