Feb 4, 2008

Hamilton's progress

Hamilton is not going all that smoothly. First, he looked too feminine. Then his hands and feet were too big. I made him a new pair of hands last night and new legs today. The second leg is in the oven now.

So far, he's got a shirt of white muslin. I found a pattern for breeches online and enlarged the image to approximately his size. The trouble with the old patterns is that they never have directions (what little caption these had were in French!). So, I had to figure out how to assemble the pieces by looking at the finished breeches. Had to tear out a couple of seams, but not too bad. They fit him perfectly (and accentuate his shapely booty). Men with no butt always looked like they had a load in their pants in these French-style breeches (they're like the ones they wear in Williamsburg). Anyway, I'm pleased with the way the breeches came out. Still have to add oodles of buttons. Still have quite a bit of tailoring to do on his waistcoat, which is a sage green brocade with velvet flocking. His breeches are a black satin with subtle embroidery. His coat will be the same fabric as the breeches, but haven't started that yet, either.

Photos of my Hamilton coming soon (but we can't photograph him as a half-naked peg-leg, now can we?)!

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