Feb 3, 2008

What we're working on now ...

Yesterday, I started on an armatured figure of Alexander Hamilton. I've done three Hamilton dolls before, but I wanted to try one with a wire frame so he can stand in my office. Right now, he's looking very "gay." Maybe it's the eyebrows and the lips. Ironically, several of his contemporaries described him as "feminine" in manner. Hmmm ... perhaps my Hamilton is more historically accurate than I realize!

If you don't know me, you probably don't know that I adore Alexander Hamilton. He's my hero and my inspiration. My office is filled with biographies of him ... I even have an AlHam mousepad! Hamilton is where my vocation and my avocation meet.

My husband, Dan, started on the chariot for Boddicia yesterday. He decided that the scale I had in mind was way too small, so he built something a better size -- but now the wheels I have are too small! So, poor dear, now he has to make the chariot some wheels!

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Plain-n-Simple! said...

Gosh i think he's kinda handsome!!! I can see why you like him!!!!! ; )