Mar 9, 2008

I made someone's day!

I received this wonderful "You Make My Day Award" from Dora Thompson at Bone Head Studios! Thanks, Dora. Now I need to send it to 10 more people!

Okay, so I awarded 11 people. Sue me!!

Nicol Sayre
Christine LeFever
Annie Beez
Cookie at Rolling River Prims
Christine Crocker
Suzanne at Pear Tree Primitives
Rachel at Diamond K Folk Art
Colleen Moody
Donna at The Ribboned Crown
Nancy at Attic Babys
Melisa of The Copper Mouse


Atticbabys said...

Thankyou so much Nina!
And the feeling could not be more mutual for you and your wonderful dolls!!
:-) Nan

Donna O. said...

Thank you Nina- it's nice to meet you here!

Suzanne said...

Hi Nina, it is so nice to meet you. Thank you for the award! I've been looking through your blog and Etsy and Wow!, your dolls are just beautiful!

Cookie said...

Nina - what a treat to be included in this list! Like Nan, the feeling is more than mutual ... your work is so inspirational. If I'd had deep enough pockets, that red would have been MINE!! :)

anniebeez said...

Thank you so much Nina! Right back at you! I love your work so much and always enjoy reading your blog!

Christine said...

Thank you so much,
What a lovely compliment you have paid me.
Your dolls are so very wonderful!