Apr 9, 2008

Where have I been?

Not that I really think anybody's noticed, but I've been MIA for close to a week. On Thursday night, I have a terrible stomach attack (my third or fourth in two months) and finally decided I'd better go to the ER. Turns out it's my gallbladder, but it was too inflamed to remove. So I've spent the last five days in hospital. I'm home now, on bedrest, softfoods and antibiotics, until we schedule the surgery next week. Don't know if I'll be getting in to the studio any time soon!



anniebeez said...

Oh Nina! I noticed you were not posting dear friend. I've been waiting to hear the good news that your wonderful dolls will be displayed at CW!
I'm so sorry to hear that you are ill-what a drag! I will say a prayer for you if you don't mind, that all will go like clockwork, your recovery will be lightening quick, and you will be back in the studio in no time!

FairiesNest said...

Oh Dear! I just found your blog today and see that you are not well! I went through the whole gall bladder fun a few years ago so I can definitely sympathize. Take care, get lots of rest, and know you'll be feeling better soon.