Apr 11, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of your life ...

This morning, I'm off to see the cardiologist. I call him Dr. Humorless. When we met him in the hospital, my husband said, "Wow, that guy is serious." Guess you had to be there. Anyway, I expect he's going to give me the results of the excruciating torture tests he put me through in the hospital to see if my heart will withstand surgery and also to read me the riot act about my sedentary lifestyle and diet. Hey, it's hard to be a healthy, active hermit! Everybody knows that!!

Elsewhere today, in Colonial Williamsburg to be exact, the folk art buyer is meeting with the folk art curator to discuss the work she wants me to do for the Museum gift shop. I'm much more excited about this meeting than the one with the doctor, believe me.

Although still convalescing, I did manage yesterday to put the finishing touches on Molly, the lusty tavern wench. At present, she's giving Hamilton a flirty come-hither look (which I can guarantee you he will not resist).

More later,


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