May 16, 2008

New pictures of George

George may look the same, but he's not. Today, we added some embellishments, some bling, if you will. I made him epaulets, a watch fob and, tucked inside his waistcoat, he wears a miniature portrait of Martha on a string around his neck. I also added pockets to his waistcoat and "embroidered" buttonholes on his waistcoat, coat lapels and cuffs. Unfortunately, you can't really see those details in the photos ... but they make a big difference in real life!


Cookie said...

your work is impeccable!

this just blows my mind, Nina - breathtaking!!

Dixie Redmond said...

Nina, you amaze me!

CARole said...

Hi Nina. This is my first visit to your blog. I love George Washington. He caught my eye, because I am getting ready to read a book about him called Your Majesty. Cant' wait to find the time. Soon I am hoping. You are a real talent. Keep up the good work. Hope you will come visit me one day too.

CARole said...

oops, wrong name for the book. It's called His Excellency by Joseph J. Ellis. You might have read it.

Christine LeFever said...

Bon jour mon Ninakins!

He is so remarkable, Girl! You amaze me.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

Nina Mason said...

Welcome to my blog, Carole. Your store is wonderful! I took a little peek around and I see you have an artisan gallery and that you'll soon be adding my friend Christine Crocker (I would not be insulted to be invited into this company myself).

I'll add a "favorites" link to your store as soon as I have a chance. Please do the same for me if you have the desire.


P.S. -- I have His Excellency, but haven't read it yet. At the moment, I'm reading 1776 and two books about Alexander Hamilton--one old and one new.