May 15, 2008

The Queen's Moppet

For those who asked, here are some pictures of the Queen's Moppet, who started life as a simple Poppet from the darling pattern by the darling dollmaker Christine LeFever. She still needs shoes and some embellishments ...


Christine LeFever said...


I'd say my poppet grew up! As a poppet, she is a reproduction of an 18th century baby doll, which is hilarious. As a grown woman and therefore a moppet, she is absolutely beautiful! I love the history you told about moppets and poppets!

Thank you, and as usual, you are fabulous!


Christine Crocker said...

dear Nina,

your dolly is very lovely and I love her face,Oh, that beautiful dress and the Wonderful hat.
Truly, she's a gorgeous moppett.

I look forward to seeing more of your babies, such outstanding work.