Sep 30, 2008

John Adams Trapped in the Wardrobe Department

Adams is finally in wardrobe, but he's been grumbling that he's had to wait first for Mrs. Washington and now for Bella Donna (as I've named her skeleton-ness). Here's a picture of him in progress. One sleeve is done but not the other. His breeches look like the incredible hulk, his waistcoat needs tailoring, his stockings need painting and his shoes need buckles. And what about a coat and a cloak? And that hair? Something must be done about that hair!

Yesterday, he was overheard saying: "One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and more than three is a congress."

I suppose sitting around the wardrobe department reminds him of presiding over the congress as Washington's vice president, an endeavor he called the most pointless job ever invented) or something like that.



Atticbabys said...

Nina your dolls are just spectacular and John is no exception. WOW!
Tell him that ladies must always come first!! ;-)

FairiesNest said...

I agree! Your historical dolls are amazing...well the others are pretty darn awesome too!

Nina Mason said...

Thanks, ladies. It's nice of you to say and always so nice to hear!

I love your work, too!


Dawn said...

Definate bad hair day!