Sep 19, 2008

Washington's Tweed Cloak

Here's a slightly better view of Washington's cloak and the coat underneath.


Dawn said...

Such a ststely looking copy of the real thing!

Nina Mason said...

Thanks, Dawn. He's very special and very stately to me, too. You would laugh if you knew how much "attitude" they gave me during their creation -- just like I imagine they would do during a tailor fitting or something of that ilk. Washington was reputed to be extremely fastidious about his clothes, etc. -- and I have felt it!! But I adore him. Can't you see the "stately" attitude in his slightly upward glance? I didn't plan that. It just happened!!

Rachael Kinnison said...

wonderful job on his 'Great Coat' Nina!

Julie said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful. I am speechless.Julie

Julie said...
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Dawn said...

Hi Nina,
I'm glad you could tell my spelling!?
Yes, he does have attitude behind his eyes, it's fantastic when things occur suddenly like that.
I enjoy your blog.

Huckleberry Arts said...

Just wowed evertime I see your creations!! Wonderful!!

Have a beautiful day and Thanks so much for letting me do a little bit of creating for you love working with them :)


Nina said...

Thanks, Annette! I love what you've done for me with banner and avatar! Maybe you can help me design a postcard for my Christmas show in Williamsburg? Let's talk!


Designs by CK said...
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Designs by CK said...

Nina ~ Please disregard my previous comment. I had you mixed up with a Nita Mason, I believe!

I am SO sorry BUT I'm glad I found you anyway...your dolls are breathtaking and I love your STJ Pumpkin King & Queen that sold!


Rebecca said...

Wow. I stumbled upon your blog from the Coffee With Tea blog. These doll are amazing--jaw dropping, amazing. I am so completely impressed. Your work is fabulous! I just had to leave a comment just in case you don't hear that enough. Wow, just wow.

Best Wishes,


Nina Mason said...

Thanks, Becky. Blush. Truth is, I never hear it enough. Your comment made my day!