Sep 28, 2008

More than I can chew ...

Ever feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew? I've been quite busy lately getting dolls ready for the December show in Williamsburg and with my "real" paying work for clients -- and the deadline for Art Doll Quarterly nearly slipped my mind. I was pulling out of the garage to pick my daughter up for her dance class when it hit me: today is the 25th -- and I forgot to submit photos of the Hamiltons! The worst part is, we invested a goodly sum in the new studio light kit for the express purpose of photographing the Hamiltons for submission to magazines (that one, that deadline in particular). When I returned from getting Emma, I hurridly put together an email and attached several photos of the dolls. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

I also received my new copy of Doll Costuming magazine. I noticed that the next Gallery theme will be For the Boys -- so I think I shall try again and submit perhaps Hamilton and Washington. Why not?

In the studio, I've been working simultaneously on figures of Martha Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. All three have been incredibly frustrating! All three have had to have their faces resculpted and repainted several times! I'm still not happy with Jefferson. He's looking a little goulish around the eyes. But Martha and Adams have finally moved from painting to costuming! Hooray.

Yesterday, I finally got started on my newest project for Spooky Time Jingles. She was actually Emma's idea! A skeleton dressed in 18th Century garb. Sculpted her head and torso yesterday -- and have some ideas for her gown -- but she could take a dramatic turn in the creative process -- it happens all the time!

Did I mention that I traded my Pumpkin King and Queen to Rachel K of Diamond K Studio for her Winnifred Thicket and Clara Whittington dolls? I have long admired her work, but can't afford it! I was reluctant at first to make a trade for the Pumpkins, but then I visited her website and remembered how much her dolls set my heart to fluttering!

In other news, Williamsburg called. Somebody dropped my George Washington and broke him off his stand. They're sending him back for repairs. The bright side: we can rephotograph him with the new lighting before sending him back!

All for now ...



~dani~ said...

I am super excited to see this skeleton!! And excited for you as you have lots of great things in the works. Way to put yourself out there and not let opportunity pass you by.

Rachael Kinnison said...

You can talk pretty clearly with your mouth full girly! I cannot believe they dropped dolly!!!! **!!** I am so glad you like your dollys, cause I LOVES mine! I adore my punkins, and as death knocks on my door, hopefully when I am olde olde olde, they will have to pry them from my fingers! Worth every penny and THEN SOME! I will be waititng to see skelly!

Nina Mason said...

Rachael, that is what I say about my dear Hamiltons: they'll have to pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

Dani, Bella Donna (the skeleton) took a dramatic turn yesterday and is now proceeding well. Wait until you see her gown! Fall-color silk with an impressive train and antique chantilly lace.

Dawn said...

Boy! You sound very busy!

heritagestitchery said...

ouch! I cringed when I
read of the Williamsburg's
assistant executioner's
little mishap with George..
What equanimity you possess.
Sail on, blythe spirit,
you are doing just fine...
even with more than you
can chew.