Nov 10, 2008

Fall Foliage Getaway

Overlooking the gorge at Tullulah Falls.

Isabelle's Restaurant.

A view of the pastures surrounding Stovall House.

Me and Emma on the porch swing at Stovall House.

The Stovall House, built in 1837.

We decided to take a little road trip this weekend to see the resplendent fall foliage that has recently sprung into full color in Georgia. The color was late in coming this year due to the drought and it is simply gorgeous here right now. Sunny but crisp. Vivid shades of gold, red and plum everywhere you look.

We drove up into North Georgia, first through Cleveland where we stopped to visit one of my favorite primitive stores -- Hearts and Flowers primitives. It's located by the side of the road in an old log cabin across a rickety bridge over a babbling brook.

After scoring a trio of reproduction revolutionary war (or is it civil war?) drums, we made our way to Nanchooche Village and did a little antiquing. We then headed for our evening destination -- the Stovall House B&B in Sautee. The Stovall House was built in 1837 and sits on 28 acres of rolling pastures. It also boasts a pretty decent restaurant. I broke my diet and had the rack of lamb! Yummy!!

Early the next morning we headed west to see what we could see. We ended up at Tullulah Falls, which has a very nice interpretative center and some very nicely managed trails and overlooks. We opted not to take the 602 steps down to the suspension bridge which crosses the gorge. I'm afraid I'm in no shape to climb back up 602 steps! I also suspect my fear of heights would have precluded me crossing the bridge, had we reached it.

After our little hike, we lunched at Isabelle's, which we spied from the gorge. The restaurant is in an 1880s farm house just above the gorge.

Following lunch, we headed toward Clarkesville in search of any antique store open on a Sunday (rare in these parts). Just outside Clarkesville, we found an antique mall -- but I didn't buy anything after searching for a couple of hours. I did, however, score a $2 hurricane shade at a local flea market. We then came upon anothe rprimitive shop in an old relocated log cabin. It was a great shop with lots of wonderful things, including antique farm tables, primitive christmas accoutrements galore, and a smattering of hooked rugs and handmade dolls.

We had a great trip! But now I need to get busy for Spooky Time Jingles or I'm going to miss this month's update! Yikes.



Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Nina! Looks like you had a wonderful time~ everything is so beautiful this time of year~ thanks for sharing! this pathetic or what....I have the Christmas tree up and allready decorated in the gallery......AND...Punkin King & Queen are STILL out hee hee! Every time I think that it is time they take a nap....they are gone and I forget again. I have caught them more than onece dancing 'round the bottom of the tree....and when they hear me comming, they quick climb up the trunk and hide within the ornaments. I can see teh tree wiggling...I KNOW they are in there!!! sneeky pete's
Have a wonderful Week!
xoxoxo rachael

Nina Mason said...

Well I did add extra mischief dust when I made those two! I'm glad to hear they're keeping you on your toes! Hearing that you already have your tree up is a bit of a relief, actually. I have started my Christmas greenery -- garlands on the banister, mantel and hall table all take so much time -- and there's still so much more to do -- and the tree! I told Dan that I have to make allowances for my advancing age. Last year, I scimped on the decor. This year, I'm giving myself extra time to get it done!