Dec 12, 2008

Meet Catherine Grace Wickersham

Catherine Grace is the stump doll I started several weeks ago. She is similar in style to Anna Higgenbottom, only with painted rather than glass eyes. Catherine grace has no legs. Her cloth body is shaped like a cone, inspired by an antique example of a Queen Anne doll torso I saw on an auction site. Being slightly mad, I decided to hand quilt Catherine's petticoat using a period pattern in one of my costume books. The petticoat is silk charmeuse. She wears a separate stomacher under her little jacket. Both were hand sewn from period patterns redrafted in miniature. She also has a shift, stays (in the French style, rendered in pink silk), and a hoop petticoat, also made from period examples.


Julie said...

Nina, I think you dolls are absolutely fabulous. The love and attention to detail that you put into every doll is just wonderful. Miss Catherine is beautiful.Julie

Rachael Kinnison said...

Beautiful Nina! I love that color of pink silke, and you did a great job on quilting her 'coat
xoxoxo rachael

Plain-n-Simple! said...

So Lovely as always!!!!!


clothnclay said...

I could sit here and write comments on all your posts, these dollies and your sewing are just fabulous! And thanks so much for the pix of your show at Williamsburg. I'll bet everyone was in awe of your work! All your dolls look like the could come to life. Love those dresses on you and Emma too! Happy Holiays to you and yours! Becky

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

What a stunning creation! Absolutely fantastic.