Jan 12, 2009

Edward and Bella

Okay, so I'm just a romantic teenage girl deep down. With a fatal attraction to bad boys. So, it should come as no surprise that I've recently become, well, obsessed with Twilight. My nieces are big fans -- they've seen the movie like a dozen times. My niece, Andrea, who got Ann Boleyn (for her sweet 16th) and Princess Elizabeth (for Christmas) loaned my Emma the book. Then Emma and I went to see the movie. Then I stole the book. Now I'm starting Eclipse, the third book, tonight.

Okay, I have to admit that I love romantic vampire characters. Read all of Anne Rice's books years ago ... even took a college course titled "Vampires in Literature." Anyhoo -- to make a long story shorter ... I've been working for the past several days (in between chapters) on figures of Bella and Edward -- the romantic leads of the books (for those who don't know).

Surprisingly, doing modern clothes has been more challenging than you might think for someone who does 18th century gowns on a regular basis. But modern clothes show more of the body shape -- so I actually had to give them more body shape than I normally do. This morning, I got up at dawn, downloaded some studies from Grey's Anatomy, and cut out little muscles for Edward's torso. Edward has a pair of jeans I made for him from my favorite old Levi's which were literally falling apart (but I couldn't bear to throw them out -- and now I'm glad I didn't!). Bella has a little lawn print dress with pink leggins and a pink shrug. I gave her "symbolic" red ballet flats. Get it, ballet studio, blood red. Can't dance. Anyway, if you've read the books you'll understand.

It's been interesting. They've still progressing. Pictures soon, now that Bella's got clothes on!

More later,



Huckleberry Arts said...

My son loves this series of books Has yet to see the movie.


The Burlap Owl said...

My daughter got me hooked on this series too...I'm on the last book now and love it! It's so good to see another non-teenager ,like myself,wrapped in this story!
I can't wait to see your Bella and Edward.
Take Care,

Nina Mason said...

I'm about half-way through the third book, so no spoilers for No. 4! I read today that's she's working on a fifth book, told from Edward's perspective. Can't wait!! My Bella and Edward have been challenging! Nothing to show yet!