Jan 14, 2009

Edward Cullen, vampire

Last night, Edward got a complete make-over. I'm talking heavy-duty sandpaper, exacto knife to the face, hair ripped off his head. He has been so challenging! Part of the problem is that I want him to look like the guy in the movie: Robert Pattinson. But I couldn't get him there, no matter how long I labored over photographs and clay. Aargh.

Today he looks better with fresh paint and new hair. Close enough, I think, to Edward in the movie. I really doubt I'm going to do any better. Trouble is, now Bella looks like a cartoon. So, guess what? She's at the plastic surgeon's now.

Will these two ever be finished? Who knows?? But Edward is out of the basement, lounging around the living room (he's staring at me as I write this -- promised to blog about him -- and you don't argue with a vampire!) in Hamilton's banyan and a pair of jeans. He looks rather fetching, yet VERY intense. Must be the topaz eyes.

Dinner's ready. Gotta go.


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jillian said...

ooooh, my daughter and I can't wait to see them!! I'm sure they are amazing, just like the rest of your work :)