Apr 5, 2009

Back in the Studio

I've spent most of the weekend back in the doll studio, reworking some of the dolls that have been sitting around, not good enough for shows but not bad enough to chuck on the rubbish heap. As I mentioned before, I'll be doing the Atlanta Doll Collector's Show on May 2 at the Marriott at the Perimeter. Should be interesting. My first show with doll collectors. My second show ever. I'm doing the next Colonial Artisans Faire at Endview Plantation just outside Williamsburg on May 16 and 17. But those are the only shows I have planned this year.

Art Doll Quarterly is photographing my dolls for the August feature tomorrow. They promised to send me low rez images after the photos are done, so I'll post some if it's not a violation of their policies.

Mr. Darcy is looking pretty good now and Anna Higgenbottom and Catherine Wickersham got facial makeovers which make them much more attractive. They have such complicated clothing and underpinnings, I felt they needed better faces. I'll try to get some pictures up in the next week or so ... but I'm heading to Birmingham, Ala., next week for a few days. It's spring break for Emma and she really wanted to see "Wicked." It's still playing in Birmingham, which is only a couple of hours away. We've been talking about going for some time now, but have never been.

More later,


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Colleen said...

Looking forward to reading all about you in ADQ. Congrats!

p.s. Make the trip to see Wicked...it is well worth the effort.