Apr 21, 2009

Robert James Hamilton

For the past several days I've been killing two birds with one stone -- creating a figure of my Scottish vampire and making my own man in a kilt. Robert Hamilton is looking pretty fierce, but he's been extremely challenging. I used some new sculpting techniques to create his body. For the past several dolls, I've been using cotton batting to wrap the armature wire, then adding muscles that are sewn on and, when appropriate, stuffed to create musculature. For Robert, I did all of that, then gesso'd and painted the batting, hoping it would look like skin. It looked like skin with a bad case of cellulite, so, I decided to try and add clay over the layers, first as slip, and then thicker as needed. The end result is that Robert's lower body is completely sculpted. Yes, he's "correct" and "regimental" under the kilt. I'll try to get some pictures posted. I'm afraid I won't be posting any "under the kilt" shots. But, if you're interested in seeing the artistry ... well, I might be willing to privately email them.

Besides the kilt, Robert is wearing ghillie brogues that I sculpted, a ghillie or jacobite shirt, and a highlander vest. I made him a sporran out of kid leather with a silver thistle button and a bit of rabbit fur, and he's wearing a celtic drinking horn over one shoulder.

A reminder, also, that I'll be at the Atlanta Doll Collector's Show on Saturday, May 2 at the Perimeter Marriott, if anyone's in and around town. Stop by and say hello to me and some of the dolls you've only heard about!

Ha ha.


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