Jul 20, 2009

Acute Agitation

I'm sitting here feeling agitated and distracted. Having trouble getting my head around the second-draft edits of Bloodlust, which still needs another 10,000 words. It's turning out to reveal a good deal of Scottish history, as Robert runs for a Scottish seat in the U.K. Parliament and gets embroiled in thoughts and discussions about the age-old fight for Scottish sovereignty. Hey, it's a thinking woman's book, remember? My characters actually think in between the hot sex scenes, unlike a lot of books these days.

Speaking of which ...

When it comes to sex scenes, do you prefer the hotter the better or fade to black? I've been pretty disappointed with the love scenes in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, considering the author gets into some pretty dark stuff. But sex scenes are difficult to write well and there's nothing more painful than a badly written one. Mine are descriptive without descending into pornography. I guess I write the kind of sex scenes I'd like to read in other people's novels. But maybe some readers are more squeamish than me. Thoughts?


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