Jul 18, 2009

Buzz, Buzz

There's a bit of a buzz building about my Bill Compton figure over at The Vault (www.trueblood-online.com). Check it out, if you give a hoot.

If you hang around long enough to read my blog (not just look at the pretty pictures of vampire Bill) you'll see that I'm a writer in addition to being an artist. I just shot the hostess of The Vault a note confessing that I stole a line from an interview with Stephen Moyer for my second novel's manuscript. Something about Margaret Thatcher playing ping-pong. I think it's fair game (some of my best friends are intellectual property rights attorneys), but I wouldn't usurp it without giving credit where credit is due (coz that's the kind of person I am). So, if my novel ever sees the light of publishing day, I will be including a little acknowledgment to S.M. for the great line.

Rock on, S.M. All the best.



Seiya Kou said...

You are very talented Nina. I always enjoy looking at your work. You did an excellent job on the Bill doll. He looks exactly like Stephen Moyer. I wish I could make dolls myself.

Keep up the good work.

Nina Mason said...

Thanks, S.K. I appreciate the compliments. I wish he did look exactly like Stephen Moyer, as a sculptor, I mean, rather than a fan. I can't quite capture them as well as I'd like, but I'm a mostly self-taught artist and I'm still learning! With every figure, I get a little better!