May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was so beautiful, I felt like going for a drive. So we packed up the puppy and headed south toward Covington, the quaint little town where they film the television series Vampire Diaries. It being Sunday in the Bible belt, nothing was open save a few restaurants and an ice-cream parlor. We indulged, of course. Here's a picture of us in the park on the square, overlooking the Mystic Grille--where all the kids hang out on the show. In reality, it's a CPA's office window-dressed as a set. I was still pretty excited to see it there.



Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Nina! I have been thinking about you lately and thought I d come check in to see what you are up to~ Congratulations on your book, and becomming a Grandma and the new puppy~ you have been BUSY!
xoxoxoxoxo rachael

Nina Mason said...

Hi Rachel, good to hear from you. Yes, busy lately. I just put out the beautiful Halloween Doll you sent me ... are the pumpkin king and queen out at your house yet?