Dec 4, 2010

Dogs in Kilts.

Well, dang. It's been a long time since I posted on the old blog! But I'm still here, still working ... although, between writing the books and looking after the puppy, I haven't had much time to work on my art. But (and this is a good but) ... I'm back at it and taking things in a slightly new direction. I'm doing dogs! Well, at the moment I'm doing Westies--inspired by my Robert and a conversation I had with the wonderful lady who grooms him (hi, Gilda).

Just before Thanksgiving, I did one (Capt. Hamish MacTavish) for the annual fundraising banquet of the Westie Club of Greater Atlanta. (He's the one in the busby hat--the big black bearskin hat like the Palace Guards in England wear.) After the banquet, we drove up to Asheville, stopping to take a little walk and do a little poking around. I stopped in a couple of places and got to talking (rare for me, since I'm a terrible introvert) ... but I sent them some photos as follow-up yesterday and guess what? At least one of them wants to carry my dogs--most notably Jackie at Boho Girl Designs, who makes exquisite beaded jewelry. Jackie has a Scottie named Sir William Wallace (Wally for short) ... so how could I not be charmed? I will probably make a Scottie and a Westie (or two) for her to carry on consignment. Her shop, by the way, if you're driving out that way, is located in The Main Street Shops, 44 Chevy Drive, HWY 515, Blairsvilee, Ga. 30582. Or ... you can visit her website at

Anyhoo ... here are some pictures of my Westie Highlanders ... all hand-sculpted and one-of-a-kind. I will do commissions in your own clan tartan. The cost runs between $400 and $500, plus the cost of acquiring the tartan.

Captain Hamish MacTavish (sold)

Colonel Malcolm (reserved)

Duncan Forbes of Culloden ($500)


Cobbler Cottage said...

So good to hear from you, Nina! I've haven't been the best blogger either. Glad to see your still creating dolls (and writing too)! Love the dogs, Becky

Nina Mason said...

Good to hear from you, too, Becky. And glad you like the dogs.

Happy holidays!


Terry Spear said...

Beautiful job, Nina!