Nov 22, 2008

This Week in the Studio

This week I've been working on a few things all at the same time. I finally finished and tagged Catherine Grace Wickersham and today I finished putting the antique lace on Anna Louise Higgenbottom's blue linen riding coat. She also got a new wig.

As far as new projects go, I started on a Christmas box with the head and shoulders of an 1830's lady with an angelic face. Today, I finally finished her! Around the box, I decoupaged black and white antique-looking holly branches, which I hand-tinted with india inks and outlined with glitter glue. Inside, I created an angel from an 1830s fashion plate. The final step (today) was to paint everything with a thin layer of gold paint that looks like gilding and add her wings. Very pretty. She started out being for the ornament exchange at Coffee With Tea (Hi, Dixie), but I might change my mind and put her on Spooky Time (if I can come up with another fabulous ornament in time for Dixie).

The other new (ish) project this week was making a baby for an old cradle I found at an antique store ages ago. The cradle and the doll I made for it have been sitting in the guest room untouched for ages. What compelled me to suddenly work on the baby and cradle when I have so much else on my plate? The truth is it was Rachael K's cradle! It was quite similar to mine but so much more charming! I bought the one I have meaning to repaint it someday, but I didn't know what the heck to do. So I left it. But when I saw her fabulous antique example with green and red paint and gold stencils ... well ... I was inspired! It just so happens that hubby was working on a cabinet for my studio, which he finished with tavern green and barn red milk paint -- so I borrowed a small batch! Today I added gold stencils and sewed a mattress and pillow out of some black and white ticking I bought last week for kitchen pillows. See, it was meant to be!

As for the baby who occupies the cradle, I strugged for several days to create a clay over cloth face that wasn't freaky looking. I finally got her sort of cute, then decided to dress her in period-correct baby garments. So, I did a little research and ordered some fabrics. She got a cap out of white lawn and vintage lace, a shirt out of Irish linen and vintage lace, and a petticoat with a wide waistband that fits under the arms and ties in the back. Today, I made her a white flannel dressing gown. She holds a reproduction rattle/nanny whistle out of sterling silver and mother or pearl. Cradle and baby, nearly finished, are sitting under the Christmas tree while Emma and I listen to the Chipmunk's Christmas album. Brings back memories!

More later and pictures soon!


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Rachael Kinnison said...

iWONDERFUL Nina! I cant wait to see your ornament(I feel so horrible~ I havent been able to get to the group in forever!), AND your dolly!!! I am honored to have inspired you to get off your tuccas and spiff up your cradle! ;) ;) I cant wait to see her. Babies are deceptively H*A*R*D* to do!
xoxoxo rachael